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Do microphones and amplifiers have a place in the elementary classroom?


Teacher holding microphone for studentTwenty-five years ago my husband purchased “deluxe” karaoke equipment. Through my “teacher eyes” I saw a powerful educational tool. Why not use a microphone and amplifier in my classroom? I immediately wrote a small grant; it was awarded, and the wireless mic and amplifier became an integral part of the school day!

Quite simply, the microphone proved to be a magical tool for enhancing and accelerating learning—especially for English language learners. Students enjoyed using the classroom microphone, and it:

  • Boosted students’ confidence in public speaking
  • Provided clear feedback for enunciation and grammar practice
  • Enabled soft speakers to be heard clearly while giving presentations
  • Involved ALL students in taking an active role in the learning process
  • Held students’ attention because they could hear one another clearly

The microphone can be used throughout the school day and across subject areas to motivate students to share and present ideas. In my classroom, students used the microphone for:

  • Presenting as “reporter of the day”
  • Explaining the “problem of the day” and other math strategies to the class
  • Orally sharing their writing in a writer’s workshop
  • Shared reading or read-aloud exercises
  • Readers’ theater presentations and other drama performances
  • Presenting the steps of a science experiment
  • Oral presentations and reenactments in social studies
  • iMovie projects

The microphone is also helpful for open houses and back-to-school nights, as well as keeping students focused in class.

Important: Train the children in proper microphone use! A calm and soft voice is all you need to grab the attention of your audience. The amplifier will do the rest. And, remember to keep the volume down on the amplifier.

If you’ve had success with a microphone in the classroom, let us know how it worked for you!

Contributing Writer

Image of Blog Contributor Alice EvansAlice Evans is a forty-year veteran National Board Certified elementary classroom teacher and is a published author. She recently retired from the San Diego Unified School District.

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