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Celebrate Math and the 100th Day of School!

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100 days math activity from Joyful Learning in KC blog

100 days math activity from Joyful Learning in KC blog

Last November, I had the opportunity to attend the NCTM conference in Houston. It was inspiring to meet educators from all around the country. Despite the geographical, curricular, and state-adopted-standards differences, it was easy to see that a common goal for all educators is to make learning math more rigorous, more meaningful, and more fun.

As the 100th Day of School approaches, it can remind us how powerful it is for students when we use a little creativity to integrate math activities into the curriculum and increase awareness of the many ways math is used in our everyday lives.

The following ideas can help you make the most of the 100th Day of School as a math celebration.

Check out Pinterest for great ideas that can be adapted to your classroom needs. See the Evan-Moor Pinterest board: 100th Day Activities: Our Favorite Pins! and Math: Our Favorite Pins! A few Pinterest finds include:

Set up a menu of thematic centers or stations in a combination of real-world math and math integrated with language arts, art, science, and social studies, etc. One example:

From Kindergarten and Mooneyisms blog

From Kindergarten and Mooneyisms blog

Include math activities that get children out of their seats, such as giving small groups or buddies 100 plastic or paper cups to build a structure, or taking students outside to measure how far they can jump or how far they can fly a paper airplane, then compare to see how close they came to 100 inches or 100 feet.

Place the projects, activity pages, record sheets, and photos in a portfolio so students can reflect upon their learning and share their work with their parents.

Additional resources for 100th Day activities:

Pinterest and other websites are great resources to share ideas with teachers from all over the world. What extraordinary ideas do you have to create a memorable 100th Day celebration in your classroom or at your school site? Please share!

Image of contributor Marti BeeckMarti Beeck enjoyed volunteering in her three children’s classrooms so deeply, that she returned to school to earn her CLAD teaching credential. For the next thirteen years, she worked as a classroom teacher in grades 1-3. Her experience as a primary classroom teacher, as well as adult school and intervention for elementary and high school, was inspired by her background in psychology and interest in brain-based learning. Marti currently works in the field of educational publishing as an editor.

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