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7 Tips for Reorganizing your Homeschool in the New Year


7 tips for reorganizing for the new year

January is a great time to reflect, regroup, and reorganize your homeschool curriculum. Here are 7 tips to consider to get reorganized in ways that will benefit you all year long.

  1. Reflect and set priorities – Take 5 minutes to think of your true priorities. If we align our time and energy with our true priorities, we set ourselves up for success. By focusing on what you HAVE to do first, your priorities are honored and progress is made. What a wonderful thing to role model for your kids!
  2. Rework what isn’t working – When something isn’t working, you have 2 basic choices – forget it, or adapt it to make it work. It is really that simple. Choose, and make it happen.
  3. Reducing clutter brings focus – It is important to reduce both our visual focus and our mental focus. Write down all of your ideas to reduce the mental clutter. This will allow to you focus on your most important tasks first. Start reducing your visual clutter to avoid distraction. You (and your kids) will be able to visually focus without distractions and get those tasks done!
    BONUS – Get the kids involved and start improving their focus skills, as well. Be sure to start small – 3 minutes or so, and keep it fun!
  4. Get the kids involved – Kids want to be valuable. Providing them with real work is a great way to get them interested and accountable. Allowing them to help with attainable tasks can build self-confidence, too.
  5. Give a refresh to bring new interest – Do you ever get in a rut? At our home, when the enthusiasm runs low, we look for a way to refresh things. Maybe we need to move outside for our lesson that day. Ask the kids what they would be excited to change, and have THEM make the action plan.
  6. Reveal new concepts with flair – When we reorganize, there is a bit of excitement. Now is a great time to build a little anticipation for your kids. Let them wonder what is coming. Be excited yourself. Keep them guessing. Give them clues. Have fun revealing what they will be learning next!
  7. Preparing to bridge – We are always leading children to bridge to the next level of growth. For homeschoolers, it can be the next study unit, the next field trip, or even the next grade level. Tell your children what they will be able to do before that next level. Spend time planning how to lead them step-by-step to get there and feel great about the progress, not the perfection.


Which of these reorganization tips will you be using? Leave a comment below to share your favorite, or tell us one of your best organizational tips!

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  1. “Preparing to bridge” is really great advice for anyone at any age. Thanks so much! 🙂

  2. That is one of my favorites, too, Traci! We are all preparing to bridge to something, right? I love that learning never ends! 🙂 — Amy

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