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Practice Makes Perfect, or Does it? Top 5 Reasons Students Succeed with Frequent, Focused Practice


Practice Makes Perfect
We have all heard the phrase “practice makes perfect,”

but for parents, teachers, and students with limited time
and a myriad of activities, is it still an important part of a
student’s day to plan for practice? Studies show that the
answer is a resounding “yes!”

At Evan-Moor, we want to make it easy for students to
get frequent, focused practice and here’s why:

 The top 5 research-based reasons students succeed with frequent, focused practice:

  • Supplemental instruction utilizing consistent, frequent, teacher-guided, distributed (spaced) practice and review over days, weeks, and years is an effective way to improve learning and performance.
  • Practice is a powerful strategy for achieving proficiency and retention of skills and information for consistency and continuity in K–8th grades.
  • Frequent, focused practice leads to mastery and retention of the skills practiced. The skills taught daily are practiced to the point at which memory can quickly recognize and retrieve what has been previously learned and apply it in the current learning activity.
  • Succinct 10- to 15-minute daily lessons keep students’ attention.
  • Daily practice provides test prep throughout the school year; teachers say that daily practice helps students prepare for and raise their achievement on standardized tests.

Evan-Moor’s new daily practice courseware provides short daily lessons for the entire year and covers standards-aligned skills. Explore Evan-Moor’s daily practice courseware titles.

For more information on the research cited in this blog, download these free white papers: The Use of Practice as an Effective Teaching Strategy: Language Arts and The Use of Practice as an Effective Teaching Strategy: Math.

Contributing Writer

Image of Theresa WoolerTheresa Wooler has more than 10 years’ experience in K–6 classrooms as a parent volunteer, has taught high school English, and is currently involved in education through Evan-Moor’s marketing communications team.

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