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Emergency Substitute Lesson Plans


subguestpostAll teachers quickly learn that staying home sick is so much more work than just going to school! We’ve all gone into school on days when we know we should have stayed home. But what if it wasn’t so much work to stay home when you (or your children) were sick? It might make it just a little easier for you to pick up the phone and call in sick. We have pulled together our top three tips to help you prepare for that dreaded sick day. The key to these tips is reading them and following through right now… don’t put this one off for later. Preparing now will make your life simpler in the long run.

Tip 1: Create a Sub Tub  This is a tote that has everything ready for your next sick day. EVERYTHING! If you put it together now, you won’t have to come into school in the middle of the night. Remember to include a schedule, class list, seating chart, plans for the day, and other important information. To get you started, check out our complete sub plans for preschool through sixth grade: Emergency Sub Plans, by The Curriculum Corner. Be sure to add a couple of age-appropriate read-alouds and a math game such as I Have, Who Has.

Tip 2: Extra Work Folder  You know those days when you have something that you have copied and it doesn’t get used? Like that extra math practice page that you just didn’t have time for? Instead of recycling these pages, put them right into your Sub Tub. Have a file at the bottom of the tub labeled Extra Work. These practice pages can be used as time fillers if needed by the sub.  Use an Evan-Moor resource such as one of the following to help you get started:
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Tip 3: Leave an “In Case of Emergency” Card  To save you time, we’ve created one for you! Just print and leave on the top of your Sub Tub. This way, if there are ever questions, the guest teacher will know whom to contact for support. Click here to print card.

We hope these tips help you get your new Sub Tub organized! Have other tips that help you? Please leave a comment to help others!

blog-thecurriculumcornerJill McEldowney and Cathy Henry are neighbors and friends who both have significant experience teaching in the same large and diverse school district. Together, they developed and operate, a site where busy teachers can find current, relevant, meaningful, and ready-to-go lessons, activities, and resources that fit their classroom structure and also meet national and state standards.

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