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A Productive 10-Minute Lesson: Daily Practice Interactive Lessons


How do you fit basic skill practice in your curriculum when you have rigorous standards to meet? Evan-Moor has received feedback from teachers that our daily practice interactive lessons make it especially easy to help students practice and learn core skills—while also meeting standards. We’ve summarized teachers’ responses in this blog.

image of teacher at whiteboard with daily science lesson projected

Ways to Use Daily Practice Interactive Lessons

1. Morning Work/Bell Ringer

Daily Math Practice and Daily Language Review are the top choices for morning work! Projecting the digital lesson helps to focus students as they enter the classroom. It also provides a:

  • Consistent routine
  • Mental “warm-up” for the day
  • Quick assessment of what students know and don’t know
  • Way to incorporate standards in each lesson

2. Centers

Project the lesson and then have small groups of students work together to complete it.

  • Interactive, self-correcting lessons engage students and provide immediate feedback
  • Pacing of 10- to 15-minutes per activity works for center rotation
  • Encourages students to work together

3. Skills Block

You can begin your reading, math, language, social studies, or science lesson block with focused skill practice that is aligned to standards.

  • Reinforces skills in a short amount of time
  • Easy to repeat daily lessons if needed
  • Interactive lessons can be extended using a journal. For example,
    • Write corrected sentences in a journal (Daily Language Review)
    • Keep a journal of new vocabulary words (Daily Science or Daily Geography Practice)
    • Write down the reading skill or strategy that was learned and an example (Daily Reading Comprehension)
    • Complete weekly writing prompt in a journal (Daily Paragraph Editing)

4. Homework or Extra Practice

Interactive lessons include a corresponding teacher’s edition e-book. Many teachers print weekly units for homework packets or to provide a struggling student with extra practice and review. (The scope and sequence provides a helpful overview of the skills covered in every unit.)

5. Homeschools

The self-correcting digital lessons give you immediate feedback while providing your child with focused daily practice.

  • Students can move through a weekly unit or complete one lesson each day
  • Students can easily go back and review their work


A sample of what teachers are saying about daily practice interactive lessons:

Daily Language Review

“A must have! I bought this for my 5th grade pull-out Language Arts class. I like how I can teach a mini-lesson every day, then see it repeated later. My students are benefitting from the daily review.”

Teacher, New Jersey

“I used this product daily during skills block. It was a great way to reinforce language in a short amount of time. I also had the students write the corrected sentences each day in a journal.”

Teacher, Kentucky

Daily Paragraph Editing

“Great for writing practice! I used Daily Paragraph Editing on the smart board as a center. I found it helped students work on their editing skills and work together to learn to communicate about what effective writing should look like.”

Teacher, Nevada

Daily Science

“Great tool for homeschool! I purchased this app to supplement our daily science activities for our homeschooled 1st grader. She loves being able to use the computer and enjoys seeing what we have learned on the screen.”

Homeschooler, Texas

If you are interested in using interactive lessons with your students, you can try out all of our titles for free. Use this link to learn more and request a free trial.

Contributing Writer

Image of Theresa WoolerTheresa Wooler has more than 10 years’ experience in K–6 classrooms as a parent volunteer and homeschool educator, has taught high school English, and is currently involved in education through Evan-Moor’s marketing communications team.


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