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Holiday Gift Ideas: Educational and Affordable Gifts for Kids


Picture of a gift with Evan-Moor's activity books and art supplies.If you like to include mind-stimulating games and books for holiday gifts, take a look at Evan-Moor activity books and flashcards. Affordable and educational, these colorful workbooks entertain while presenting practice of grade-level skills. A win-win!

Here are a few holiday gift ideas and ways to wrap up activity books with related art, writing, or science supplies:


NBK_Holiday_promoThe Never-Bored Kid Books 1 and 2, Ages 4–9

This is my top gift pick for young children for an all-around educational gift that is also entertaining. Each full-color book provides mazes, riddles, hidden pictures, things to cut out, dot-to-dots, and other engaging, age-appropriate activities. 144–160 full-color pages.

Gift idea: Wrap the book up with new art supplies that are useful for the activities in the book, such as scissors, glue stick, colored pencils, or crayons.

Learning Line - Read and ColorLearning Line - The AlphabetLearning Line activity books and Flashcards, Grades PreK–2
Learning Line books: These colorful activity books provide little learners practice of essential reading and math skills with a variety of activities. Each book focuses on a specific skill such as sequencing, reading sight words, counting, and telling time. 32 full-color pages.

Flashcards: Each flashcard set provides sturdy, colorful cards that practice basic reading and math skills, as well as ideas for games to use with the cards. As a bonus, each set provides a unique link to corresponding online timed tests for interactive practice! 56 cards.

Gift idea: Pair an activity book with a corresponding flashcard set, or use as a stocking stuffer! Activity books can be rolled to fit into a stocking.

at-home-tutor-readingAt-Home Tutor, Grades PreK–2
These books are ideal for providing young children with basic skill practice in fun, engaging activities. Each book covers math or reading/language skills that children learn in the classroom in a colorful and inviting format. 96 full-color pages.

Gift idea: Wrap up math books with a set of math counters or manipulatives—marbles, counting bears, or a traditional wooden abacus. For the reading and language activity books, add a new pen/pencil case with fresh pencils and pens to complete the activities.

Skill Sharpeners - ScienceSkill Sharpeners: Science, Grades PreK–6
This series provides interesting reading selections on grade-appropriate science topics with follow-up activities and hands-on projects. 144 full-color pages.

Gift idea: You can use a topic covered in the book and provide a related science kit or simple supplies for a hands-on project, such as magnet sets.


Image of Skill Sharpeners Critical Thinking activity book by Evan-MoorSkill Sharpeners: Critical Thinking, Grades PreK–6

The fun activities in this book help children think outside the box. Puzzles, word problems, riddles, drawings, and hands-on activities encourage kids to use critical and creative thinking skills. 144 full-color pages

Gift idea: Wrap up this activity book with a puzzle, craft kit, or building toy that encourages creative and critical thinking.

Skill Sharpeners - Spell & WriteSkill Sharpeners - ReadingSkill Sharpeners: Reading and Skill Sharpeners: Spell & Write, Grades PreK–6
Engaging stories and activities and delightful illustrations make these a child-friendly choice! 144 full-color pages.

Gift idea: Wrap up the activity book with a new novel or storybook, a book of poems, a journal, or a game that involves reading or spelling, such as Scrabble Junior, Bananagrams, or Clue.

Skill Sharpeners - MathSkill Sharpeners: Math, Grades PreK–6
Each title covers important grade-level math skills practice and includes test practice in a non-intimidating activity book format. 144 full-color pages.

Gift idea: Add age-appropriate games that involve math skills or counting, such as Uno, Qwirkle, Shut the Box (dice game), Dominoes, or Sudoku.


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Image of Theresa WoolerTheresa Wooler has more than 10 years’ experience in K–6 classrooms as a parent volunteer and homeschool educator, has taught high school English, and is currently involved in education through Evan-Moor’s marketing communications team.





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