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Picture of flower image from Evan-Moor's Find the flower activity

February 25, 2016
by Evan-Moor

Hands-on Thinking Activities: Find the Flower

As soon as the first wildflowers start to bloom, there is one game that appears in our homeschool room each year. My kids really enjoy solving the logic puzzles (their exact quote was “This is SO fun! I really like … Continue reading

February 18, 2016
by Evan-Moor
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Fun Facts about Leap Year

If you have tried explaining leap year to a young child, the answer may get complicated quickly (after the second “but why…?”). Here are a few fun facts about leap year to share with your children or students in celebration … Continue reading

February 9, 2016
by Evan-Moor

Healthy-Heart Science Activities

February is American Heart Month! As a parent or teacher, how do you help children learn about a heart-healthy lifestyle? Begin with activities that help children understand how their heart works and share healthful habits. Here are a few ideas: … Continue reading

February 2, 2016
by Evan-Moor

Fixing the Most Common Grammar Errors

Grammar gaffes are prevalent across social media, where it seems that some adults have forgotten basic language fundamentals. A common error seen in college students’ writing is misuse of homophones or words with apostrophes, such as “two,” “too,” and “to” … Continue reading