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Factor Fun! Math Multiplication Games


picture of hand flipping over a card from a deck of cards

Facts Flip: Each player flips over a card and multiplies it by the target number. Player with greatest product takes both cards!

Learning multiplication facts boils down to practice. (Lots of practice!) Mix in games to help students practice multiplication skills while having fun. Most of these games require easily found items such as dice, dominoes, or a deck of cards.

Multiplication Facts Flip:
In this multiplication card game, pairs of students use playing cards or homemade cards.

  1. Prepare cards numbered 0 through 9 (two or three sets per student).
  2. Choose a target number and write it on the board.
  3. Give each pair of students a supply of cards.
  4. Students divide cards and put them facedown between them.
  5. Each player turns over a top card, multiplies it by the target number on the board, and says the product.
  6. The player with the greater product takes both cards.

Variation: Multiplication War:
Students flip over cards and try to be the first to correctly multiply the numbers on the two cards. The first player to call out the answer keeps both cards. If both students call out the correct answer, they each get a card.

Download printables for “Multiplication Facts Flip” and “Generate a Product” games here: Math multiplication games from Ten-Minute Activities, Grades 1–3.

We’re on a Roll: picture of We're on a Roll math game

    1. In this math game, pairs of students use dice to add and multiply.
  1. Divide the class into pairs.
  2. Give each pair two dice.
  3. Write on the board the operations you want each group to perform. (For example: x1, x3, x5, X7, x9)
  4. Each pair rolls their dice. They all mentally add the numbers shown on the dice together and then perform each operation listed on the board.

For example: Roll the dice. One shows a 6, the other a 4. Add 6 and 4 together to get 10. Then 10 is multiplied by 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9.

Variation: You can use dominoes in place of dice. Dominoes are placed facedown. Students flip over one domino at a time, add the numbers together, and perform the pre-set operations.

Download printables for this game as well as “Multiplication Magic” and “More Nifty Nines” here: Math multiplication games from Ten-Minute Activities, Grades 4–6.

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