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A picture of a rainforest bulletin board with a toucan.

Rainforest Bulletin Boards


A picture of a rainforest bulletin board with a toucan.Dress to impress is what my mother always said. I like to apply this concept in my classroom as well. This is why I love Evan-Moor’s Bulletin Boards Every Classroom Needs. It is a simple; no hassle resource for keeping your room updated with the changing seasons. We are all visual learners and incorporating smart visual tactics within your classroom can inspire your students and create learning opportunities.

This toucan bulletin board does just that. It’s great for showing off work. If you’re a homeschool mom and bulletin boards just aren’t your thing, keep reading; this applies to you as well. Designating an area within your home to “show off” your students work is a great method for instilling pride of ownership. It’s also a perfect opportunity to incorporate a theme for your month and integrate project based learning into your curriculum. (Psst…hit your art goal as well by having your children help create it.)  Here are some ideas below for thematic lessons.

  • Adjectives: Develop good writing techniques by reviewing adjectives. Primary grade students can create descriptive sentences about toucan birds or other rainforest wildlife while upper grade students can write an informational essay on rainforest biomes.
  • Geography: Identify and label which continents are home to rainforests. You may also extend this lesson to comparing and contrasting different rainforest biomes around the world.

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Heather Foudy

Heather Foudy is a certified elementary teacher with over 7 years’ experience as an educator and volunteer in the classroom. She enjoys creating lessons that are meaningful and creative for students. She is currently working for Evan-Moor’s marketing and communications team and enjoys building learning opportunities that are both meaningful and creative for students and teachers alike.






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