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Veteran Teachers: Help a New Teacher Today


pay-it-forward-post-it-2We can all remember the very first day we started teaching. Those jittery memories are floating somewhere in the back of your mind. When I first started teaching, I worked in a low-income school with a class consisting mostly of English language learners. Needless to say, I was overwhelmed by the inadequate resources of my school and the high needs of my students.

I can still remember my angel of grace walking through my classroom after the first day of school. She was a veteran teacher with a heart of gold and a willingness to share the accumulated knowledge and resources of her 30 years in the classroom.

She offered me emotional support and opened her files of resources to me. One of the most treasured items she gave me was a brand-new copy of Daily Language Review from Evan-Moor, which became the first of many Evan-Moor resources that I used in my classroom. That kind gesture, as well as her willingness to listen and sympathize, created a special work partnership—and a treasured friendship.

So, in this season of giving, find a newbie and offer them your advice, support, and sympathy. Remember how hard those first few years were. Share for favorite resources and strategies that work for you. That new teacher down the hall is watching you, mindfully jealous of your seamless classroom management and organized lessons.

Lend a hand and pay it forward. You never know when you might need their help…

Heather FoudyHeather Foudy is a certified elementary teacher with over 7 years’ experience as an educator and volunteer in the classroom. She enjoys creating lessons that are meaningful and creative for students. She is currently working for Evan-Moor’s marketing and communications team and enjoys building learning opportunities that are both meaningful and creative for students and teachers alike.

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