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Homeschool curriculum guides and a little boy reading

Homeschool Curriculum Resources and Guides


Build your homeschool curriculum with Evan-Moor! Download these quick guides for a comprehensive instructional approach across subjects, as well as homeschooling tips and ideas to save you time and money.

See how to simplify your homeschool curriculum with an easy 3-step approach:

  1. Warm up
  2. Teach
  3. Practice and Extend


Evan-Moor's Curriculum Guide for Art Give your children an artistic outlet with these fun crafts and activities.






Evan-Moor's curriculum guide for teaching mathDiscover four resources that practice critical thinking, problem solving and number fluency.





Critical and Creative Thinking Skills

  Evan-Moor's curriculum guide for teaching critical thinkingBuild critical thinking and logic skills with these fun resources.  Perfect for independent workbox activities!





Language Arts – Grammar and Punctuation

Evan-Moor's curriculum guide for teaching language arts- grammar and punctuation These four resources will simplify your language curriculum and reinforce editing skills.





Language Arts – Vocabulary

Evan-Moor's curriculum guide for teaching language arts vocabularyThree simple resources to build your child’s vocabulary!






 Evan-Moor's curriculum guide for teaching phonicsDemystify reading for your child with phonics activities and lessons to enrich and improve their reading fluency.





Reading Comprehension

 Evan-Moor's curriculum guide for teaching reading comprehensionDiscover five resources to teach and practice essential comprehension strategies.






Evan-Moor's curriculum guide for teaching science

Simplify your science instruction and discover fun interactive lessons with these four resources. 




Social Studies

Evan-Moor's curriculum guide for teaching social studies Journey through time with these interactive and hands-on history activities.






Evan-Moor's curriculum guide for teaching spellingBuild spelling skills with these quick and easy resources.






Evan-Moor's curriculum guide for teaching writing These writing resources incorporate short, daily lessons and center activities that create a fun and interactive writing program.





Access all of these resources for one low price per family!   Get a subscription to TeacherFileBox, Evan-Moor’s digital lesson library (over 450 titles available for PreK-6). You can subscribe and get the first 30 days free.

Amy Michaels is a certified teacher with 11 years of elementary classroom experience who is actively homeschooling her own children. Her mission is share the best teaching methods and resources with all homeschoolers. Amy supports parents through her podcasts, webinars, and online training for homeschoolers on her website


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