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Homeschool Curriculum Guide for Spelling


Many homeschooling families look for effective spelling curriculum options, and Evan-Moor has great options for spelling.

These titles can be used for reviewing, teaching, practicing, or extending spelling skills. This gives homeschoolers a lot of freedom to adjust to what works best for each child.


Building Spelling Skills is a comprehensive resource for helping students increase their spelling skills.

It is organized into 30 weekly units. Each unit has a spelling list and practice pages designed for each week’s list.

Most homeschoolers find one practice page a day is ideal for daily practice.

Each day’s lesson is planned out with no prep required. My kids can complete their practice pages on their own, so it is ideal for our spelling curriculum.


We like to integrate spelling in our writing activities since writing is where we naturally use our spelling skills.

Evan-Moor’s Skill Sharpeners: Spell and Write is a full-color activity book where kids practice a variety of spelling and writing skills, which are listed on each activity page.

Skill Sharpeners: Spell and Write is organized into theme-based units. My kids like the brightly colored pages, and they enjoy the kid-friendly themes.

We enjoy learning and practicing word families because kids can learn to spell several words at a time by following a particular pattern or letters.

Evan-Moor’s Word Family Games is terrific for hands-on practice of word families.

These full-color activities improve word recognition skills and fluency and include directions, game pieces, picture dictionary, and two activity sheets.

We also like Word Family Stories and Activities for fun and easy ways to practice predictable patterns within words.

This book has engaging, reproducible stories and activities to help kids make connections with word sounds and spelling patterns.

The unit begins by introducing each word family with a quick printable.

Next, there is a one-page story featuring the word family.

Then, student practice pages and a word-slider activity can be completed to provide your child meaningful practice of the word family.

Both Word Family Games and Word Family Stories and Activities are perfect for independent practice. Kids connect to the topics and themes, and parents appreciate how effective these activities are for practicing word families.

Click here to download Evan-Moor’s Spelling Homeschool Curriculum GuideFor additional guides by subject area, see Homeschool Curriculum Resources and Guides.

Want all of these resources for your homeschooling?

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