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January 5, 2016
by Evan-Moor

25 Winter Writing Prompts for Grades 3–5

I’m always trying to get my kids excited about writing, and creative writing is one of the ways I do that. This list of 25 fun writing prompts is for grades 3–5 (but could be used with 1st and 2nd … Continue reading

letter with hearts

February 11, 2015
by Evan-Moor

For the Love of Letters: Giving Kids Purposeful Writing Practice

Dear Homeschoolers, Isn’t it fun to get a REAL letter in the mail? You know how you are sorting through the bills, the junk mail, and then…there it is: a REAL letter. It makes you smile, right? I would guess … Continue reading

April 23, 2014
by Evan-Moor

Using Mystery for “Tell a Story Day”

Most students cannot resist a good mystery—it brings out their natural curiosity and inspires creativity. Mysteries can serve as great story starters for celebrating “Tell a Story Day” or a creative writing assignment. Story starters using The Mysteries of Harris … Continue reading