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June 3, 2016
by Evan-Moor

How to Create Meaningful Workbox Activities

Do you ever wish for a magic wand that would help your kids remember everything the FIRST time you told them? That would certainly save a lot of chocolate consumption at my house. Maybe at your house, too? However, our … Continue reading

March 24, 2016
by Evan-Moor

Homeschool Review of Skill Sharpeners Activity Books

One of the most common questions homeschoolers ask is, “How do I know if I am covering it ALL?” Homeschoolers can easily get overwhelmed by trying to “teach it all,” but Evan-Moor has great educational materials to make sure that … Continue reading

Picture of flower image from Evan-Moor's Find the flower activity

February 25, 2016
by Evan-Moor

Hands-on Thinking Activities: Find the Flower

As soon as the first wildflowers start to bloom, there is one game that appears in our homeschool room each year. My kids really enjoy solving the logic puzzles (their exact quote was “This is SO fun! I really like … Continue reading