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Valentine’s Day STEAM Activities for the Classroom

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With so many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your students, where do you begin?

Let us help with a collection of heart-inspired activities covering art, science, math, writing, and reading activities. Click the links below to get your free Valentine’s Day classroom activities.




Valentine’s Day activities from Evan-Moor resources:

  • Valentine’s Day pocket book project
    Grades 1–4: Includes a variety of activities involving writing, art, graphing, and
    other curriculum-connected ideas.
    (From Theme Pockets: February)
  • Build a Valentine BoxValentine Card box with cupid and hearts
    Grades 1–6:
     Collect used cereal or shoe boxes and have your students design an “in-box” for their valentine letters.  Give specific measurements for “mail slots” and have students use rulers to measure. Provide students with white butcher or wrapping paper to decorate and design their boxes.



Bulletin Board template: “Put It in Your Pocket05_vday_bboard

Valentine pockets and butterflies display student work on this bright red and pink bulletin board.

Books, activities, and other fun resources for Valentine’s Day:


Book cover of Theme Pockets: Valentine's Day

Check out Evan-Moor’s Theme Pockets: Valentine’s Day e-book for more ideas!



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