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Valentine’s Day Classroom Activities

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Valentine's Day ActivitiesWhile the origins of Valentine’s Day are murky, historians trace the exchange of Valentine cards and other greetings to the Middle Ages. This blog keeps the tradition alive with templates for Valentine cards, plus heart-themed activities for your students to complete on February 14. Happy Valentine’s Day!

A Brief History of Valentine’s Day provides interesting facts and information to share with students, including the legend of St. Valentine and the origins of Valentine’s Day.

ValentinesDayArtProjectsHandmade Valentines
These heart-themed art projects make cute Valentine cards to exchange with classmates or to take home, and include a woven heart, a heart basket, a chain of hearts, and a bookmark. From Evan-Moor’s Art for All Seasons, grades 1–4

Classroom Activities
From Evan-Moor’s Seasonal Activities series, these pages provide basic skill practice to keep your students focused—with a festive Valentine’s Day theme:

PreK–K activities
: Include coloring and counting hearts, cutting and gluing words in order, and making a Valentine card.

Grades 1–2 activities: Include matching the two sides of Valentines, finding hidden hearts in a picture, and working through a maze.

Grades 3–5 activities: Include a Valentine message to decode and a fun word search.

More Valentine’s Day Ideas

Find more Valentine’s Day activities at,  Evan-Moor’s Theme Pockets: Valentine’s Day e-book, and the Pinterest board: Valentine’s Day: Our favorite pins!

Also see this blog for more printable activities and ideas: Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Heart Art and Sweet Activities!


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  1. Thank you for sharing these fun Valentine activities, Theresa! My kids will enjoy learning about and celebrating the holiday in our homeschooling!

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