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Creative Writing Prompts for the End of the Year


Summer is just around the corner, and everyone is antsy…including you. Freshen up your weekly writing routine and keep students engaged with some creative writing topics. There are a range of skills practiced in these prompts, such as: letter writing, compare and contrast, narrative, and persuasive.

  1. Plan a picnic. Think about what you will eat and what games you will play. Make a list of things you will need.
  2. Finish this story: The waves crashed against the sand. I plopped my pack down and spread out my towel. It was going to be a wonderful day. Just then…
  3. Think about your favorite foods and then imagine a new flavor of ice cream that tastes just like them. What would you call your flavor? What would it look like? Write a slogan for it.
  4. Write a story about a door. Be sure to describe the door, tell where the door is, and explain what is on the other side of the door.
  5. Impossible. Think of something people thought was impossible that someone did. Think of something you did that you thought was impossible. Think of something that is impossible now but you believe might be possible in the future. Explain why. Write a story that shows how the impossible might be possible.
  6. Compare summer days and summer nights. Listen and list sounds on a summer day. Listen and list sounds on a summer night.
  7. Compare yourselves to an animal. Write how you are alike and different.
  8. Write a want ad for a good student (review examples of want ads).
  9. Pretend you are a spring flower just about to bloom. Describe the experience.
  10. Write a letter to your mother. Tell her why you love and appreciate her.

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Heather Foudy is a certified elementary teacher with over 7 years’ experience as an educator and volunteer in the classroom. She enjoys creating lessons that are meaningful and creative for students. She is currently working for Evan-Moor’s marketing and communications team and enjoys building learning opportunities that are both meaningful and creative for students and teachers alike.

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