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Phonics symbols with a little girl and boy.

Homeschool Curriculum Guide for Phonics


Click here to download Evan-Moor’s Phonics Homeschool Curriculum Guide. 

Teaching letter sounds is an important part of reading, but sometimes it is a challenge to cover ALL letter sounds and phonics rules.

Evan-Moor has several resources to teach phonics in a simple and organized way.

The titles featured in this blog post can be used to build your own phonics homeschool curriculum. If you would prefer, you can use the titles to supplement whatever phonics program you are using.


For quick phonics review and practice, Basic Phonics Skills offers printable skill sheets, as well as Little Phonics Readers that feature the phonics skills in each mini-book.

Each unit begins by introducing a Phonics Fact in a box on the printable skill sheets to provide your child with meaningful practice of each phonics skill.

Another terrific feature is the Little Phonics Readers, which are printable mini-books that allow your child to practice reading specific word families in a simple story.


If you are looking for quick, daily phonics lessons, Daily Phonics offers short daily phonics lessons in a systematic way in 32 weekly units.

Each unit has teacher support with daily suggestions for teaching the short lesson and guiding your child through the day’s practice activity.

The student activity pages include listening, speaking, reading, and writing with picture support and a dictation sentence.


After our kids have learned phonics sounds and rules, we want them to practice what they have learned in meaningful ways.

We like to use Take It to Your Seat: Phonics Centers for hands-on practice of phonics skills.

The activities improve word recognition skills and fluency and include directions, game pieces, and activity sheets. These are perfect activities for workboxes and review lessons!

Each center activity includes a follow-up activity for your child to complete. You can also laminate the activity or turn it into a file folder game if desired.

We also like to work with word families to increase the kids’ reading and spelling fluency. By following the letter patterns, the kids can learn how to read and spell several words at a time.

Evan-Moor’s Word Family Stories and Activities offers fun and easy ways to practice predictable patterns within words. The engaging reproducible stories and activities help students make connections with word sounds and spelling patterns.

The unit begins by introducing each word family with a quick printable. Next, there is a one-page story featuring the word family. Then, student practice pages and a word-slider activity can be completed to provide your child meaningful practice of the word family.

If your family enjoys playing games, Evan-Moor has two additional full-color resources that kids enjoy that practice phonics skills.

Both Phonics Games (Grades PreK–3) and Phonics Intervention Centers (Grades 1–6) are brightly colored, easy to follow, and definitely kid-approved.

We like playing the games together or using them as workbox activities when the kids are ready for independent practice of the phonic skills.

Not Sure Which Resource to Choose?

If you would like access to all of these Evan-Moor lessons, they are all included in a subscription to TeacherFileBox, Evan-Moor’s digital lesson plan collection of over 18,000 lesson plans and activities.

TeacherFileBox provides us with resources to build our entire curriculum for all subjects and all grade levels for our family.

TeacherFileBox is available as a monthly subscription ($13/month or $99/year), and it is worth every penny.

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 For additional guides by subject area, see Homeschool Curriculum Resources and Guides.

Amy Michaels is a certified teacher with 11 years of elementary classroom experience who is actively homeschooling her own children. Her mission is share the best teaching methods and resources with all homeschoolers. Amy supports parents through her podcasts, webinars, and online training for homeschoolers on her website

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